Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Teacher Trainings

What lights Sanna up?

Sanna Kokkonen has been a faculty member in yoga teacher training events at Radiantly Alive, Bali and in South East Asia for many years. She teaches asana and specialises in yoga philosophy. Her extremely long experience allows her to weave intelligently all the different forms of yoga from the physical aspect (asana) to the sound of yoga (mantra chanting).

What really lights her up is yoga philosophy. Her goal is to guide students a little closer towards “self realization” using the ancient tools from the various Asian spiritual wisdom traditions. Her hallmark is to make demanding and complicated texts accessible through her teaching style which is often described as down to earth, witty and humorous. Sanna also instructs yoga philosophy blocks as a visiting teacher in work shops, yoga festivals, trainings and events world wide. Please reach out to Sanna if you’re interested in hosting or participating in an event.

Some short testimonials from the Feb 2020 YTT

Sanna is incredibly passionate about what she is teaching us. Love every single minute.

So funny, best vibes and a real opened heart. Such a good example of the kind of teacher I’d like to become.

OMG, she’s epic – I could sit at her feet for a life time and still not be enough, so much wisdom – love it.

I am obsessed with Sanna!!! Hilarious teaching ways make the info to stick.”

Sanna brings it to life because she lives it.

I love her, so much energy and she is so funny. I’m very interested in philosophy and Sanna makes it even more fun and easy to learn. We also get to lay down, listen to stories and dance and sing.

Mind blowing.