Global YOGA *free* Zoom Live

Global YOGA *free* Zoom Live

Join us: 
“Where the body goes the mind flows”


The last session for now will happen on Wednesday the 14th of April 2021

18:00 (6pm) Helsinki time* which converts to:

17:00 (5pm) CET Paris/Berlin/Barcelona/Stockholm |
4pm UK |

8am PST California US, Vancouver CA |

10am Mexico | New York 11:00 (noon)
*do double check your own correct local time vs Helsinki 18:00


The intention is to “beat the pandemic blues”. While waiting when this challenging time ends we all still got our sacred tool, our yoga practice.

Wednesdays we inhale/exhale & move together as one Global Community via Zoom Live – we support each other and celebrate yoga!


Our yoga session is ca 1hr long and will include different elements of yoga. It’s open level – everyone is equally welcome to join!  Those who have some extra time on their hands, are invited to stay for a little optional catch up straight after.
It’s been such a joy so far to re-connect with so many friends and exchange stories from all around the world;
Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, Scotland, Sri Lanka and California (US).


The cost?
First make sure you have installed your free zoom account. The actual yoga class doesn’t cost you a penny, it’s my gift to you!

Just click on the link provided and voila, you’re all set to join!


Join Zoom Yoga:

Meeting ID: 830 0067 6489

Passcode: 090996



Will you join our global family?


In LoVe & OM we Trust,

~ Sanna

[ The image is from RA YTT Feb 2020 in Bali by Wariom Photography ]