Mind tracks

Mind tracks

Everything that happens in the external world influences us, and what happens within us (reaction/non reaction) has an influence on how we see & experience the external world.

The mind, ah so easily, takes side tracks or sometimes may even go off the track. What we gain from our daily yoga practice is a quieter mind. A new quality is birthing in our actions. We see the world with clarity. We experience quietness. We experience peace within us.

We experience acceptance. We can trust that the tracks we’ve chosen will take us to the right direction.

Svādhyāya – the Sanskrit word means “self reflection/examination”. Sva means “self”, Adhyāya means “inquiry”. Svādhyāya is to find out who you really are by learning and reflecting. Study of self or self study.

Yogis often study the Yoga Sūtra which offers a kind of a road map or suggestions for a good, balanced & happy tracks in life.

One doesn’t have to study the YS though. For someone else it may be the Koran, the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita or any book which resonates and talks deeply about one’s True Self (with the capital S).

In my personal case, I’ve found reciting Mantras quite powerful when it comes to study of self or just simply “staying on the right track”. Hence one of the many translations of Svādhyāya “the repetition of mantras”.

Currently I offer mantra work shops in Finland & share mantras in my retreats in Finland & Norway.

The next retreat with a solid emphasis on healing mantras is happening soon again in Norway Sep 30th. We may have just one or two spots left. If you feel the calling, contact me asap!

OM Love, Sanna

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