vegan for life

vegan for life

Today I was touched by another Human (notice the capital H)

As I went to pick up my take away box of delicious vegan food here in Ubud, I spotted the tattoo, as featured in the image, I had to comment; “Wow, such a rad tattoo, and especially on a man’s body”. It opened up a really nice and interesting conversation. It turned out that this human was Kyle, a schoolteacher from Canada. He shared about his life as vegan – how the place where he comes from is full of truck drivers with a heavy meaty diet. He said he used to be just like them. Heavy unhealthy diet until he changed. He’s been vegan now for 5 years and has hardly been sick at all, except only once, when he got the virus. Other than that he’s full of life energy, he’s sporty, feels light, grounded and happy at heart. I did notice a very healthy aura around him for sure.


What I found really interesting is

that he, as the schoolteacher, was never preaching about the animal rights nor about the importance of being vegan. However, when his pupils, boys of the age of 12, were observing him, they admired his sporty, healthy looks and took him organically as their idol. The boys themselves started to ask questions like what can they do to become like him. Kyle shared openly & honestly about his life style, diet and ethics. He also shared with me how some other adult’s attitudes towards him changed in a weird way. How there was even cynical behaviour and he was accused of “brainwashing” his pupils even though none of it was true, it was the exact opposite as the boys themselves demanded to know how can they look as healthy, strong and radiant as he does.


When the boys went back home and their fathers were sitting by the table with these huge truck driver’s steaks they were put off. The boys started to educate their own parents by requesting for healthier and cruelty free options on their plates.

Now Kyle has a bunch of dedicated vegan boys as his pupils and he had a big smile on his face when he added that “And without for once trying to sell my own ideas or trying to convince anyone.” Kyle simply was educating the others by his own example – walking the talk however the walk came first and the talk later.


It was so refreshing to talk to someone who’s so passionate

about his cause without being hysterical or OTT. I find it extremely interesting to chat with strangers and at the same time being aware of the great likelihood that we’ll perhaps never see each other again. However every encounter leaves footprints, like a trace or fragrance which has a ripple effect. If nothing else, it’s just simply inspiring to listen to people when they’ve found their truth. When the veil has dropped from their eyes and heart. Humans presenting themselves in an authentic, open, honest way. I wish we had more schoolteachers like Kyle.


And oh yes, it takes some courage from a man,

who’s been born and raced “in a town where literally every male has a giant truck regardless if they drive trucks for their living or not and they eat the biggest steaks that money can buy”, to take a tattoo which reads boldly: “vegan for life”. I really admire people who dare to swim against the main current. Who are man (or woman) enough to shine their truth with peace & grace. Respect man, thank you for the chat!


Love, peace & a cruelty free life to all living beings,

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