Paradise destruction

Paradise destruction

The Paradise Island goes under water


I took off with a bunch of friends to Nusa Penida, a beautiful pristine green island in the vicinity of the main island off Bali. Enjoying the sea, sun, good food, dancing on the beach, mingling with people, making new friends. We hopped onto our bikes and drove along the narrow roads winding up and down to watch the spectacular sun set on the other side of the island. As you can imagine, just doing all the things one does on a paradise island.


From the perfect paradise to a sheer destruction


We returned to Bali on Saturday. The next day, Sunday evening an extremely heavy rain started pouring to Nusa Penida. Roads turned quickly into rivers, carrying logs, rocks and mud by the strong current, damaging everything on their path. The extreme rainfall caused flash floods which started rapidly to take over the island.


The following report is from VOI online News from 16 Dec 2021 with the headline:

Losses Due To Floods In Nusa Penida Bali Estimated To Reach IDR 3 Billion

“BPBD said that the most severe impact of flash floods was tearing down the dividing walls of residents’ houses. In Ped Village there are several broken roads. Floods occur due to the effects of extreme rainfall.

“The reason is that information from the BMKG of extreme rainfall, from Batumadeg Village is extreme rainfall and in another village it is unusually heavy. The regent has donated basic necessities. We will repair public facilities,” said Widiada.

From the recapitulation records of the BPBD in Klungkung Regency, Bali, the impact of the flood losses included a number of stalls being destroyed, livestock dying, the fence walls of residents’ houses collapsing, toilet business buildings destroyed, and the beach security embankment breaking.

Then in Batumadeg Village, the roads and piers were broken, the water reservoir was broken, the walls of the temple were broken, the goods and merchandise of the residents were washed away by the flood. Meanwhile in Suana Village, the locals’ shop was destroyed, motorbikes were damaged and washed away, and cars were damaged.

Furthermore, in Batununggul Village, 55 families’ houses were submerged in water. Then in the village of Lembongan, the yard security embankment and the scaffolding were broken.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Klungkung I Nyoman Suwirta set a transitional status for disaster emergency recovery, after the flash flood disaster.” [end]



This is yet another huge obstacle for the community, who have already suffered of the hardship of the covid-19 years.

The Balichili Team & the friends of Penida Colada will be doing all they can to support the community and help. If you feel the calling and have the means to offer a helping hand by donating, it would be greatly appreciated also. What is needed right now is clothes for babies, children and adults, food and water supplies, medical and hygiene supplies or money.

All the donations will be documented and updated. The link to donate is in the penidacolada instagram bio and also here:



Just in the blink of an eye everything can change.

One moment there is the bright sun and the next, there is the dark cloud. One moment we feel happy, the next miserable. This is the human life. Yet another real life reminder to be as present as we can. To live here and now and to appreciate every moment, every breath we get. Life is so fragile and precious.

Be Human. Be Kind. Be HumanKind.


Praying for all the souls affected in the flash floods,
Love, Sanna

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  1. Katariina Bastos says:

    I’ll be happy to donate some. How can I help??

    1. Sanna Kokkonen says:

      Lovely Katariina! The link: —> klikkaa punaista nappia “donasi sekarang” ja saat lahjoitus vaihtoehdot. Kiitos! Toivottavasti kaikki hyvin sinulla Kata xox Love Balilta, Sanna