Jakarta hotel quarantine – mind stuff

Jakarta hotel quarantine – mind stuff

When writing this I’m “stuck” in a hotel in Jakarta with the mandatory quarantine of 5d/4n. And you know what, it’s not so bad at all. In truth, it’s quite enjoyable actually. A clean spacious room, with a view over the city and it’s all for myself!


I hear the frequent daily chants from the local mosque and as an extra bonus I got a partial view to the sea. 3x a day meals delivered to my door (healthy veg, just as I requested). Laundry washed for me daily. I can only highly recommend Mercure Jakarta Batavia Hotel.


Why I’m here? I’m on my way to Bali after such a long time again…


I’m watching the birds, swifts, nesting just outside my window. They are migrating birds just like me. However they had a way longer journey – flying from Europe something like for 3 weeks. Compared to those amazing creatures my trip was just like a blink of an eye!


In this quite comfy room, there’s lots of space and time to sink deep in my thoughts – like a deep thinking monkey. That’s how I kinda see myself these days. To explain this more in detail, a whole new blog would be needed. Maybe I’ll write that sometime in the future. However now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share about the mind. Notice how the word “mind” is used in so many different contexts. Well, if that’s not interesting, Never Mind that either!


Mind is not a physical thing. It is our experiences, thoughts and feelings, our highs & lows.  Mind is a bit like an ocean with fleeting moments, mental events such as happiness & sadness, irritation, fantasies, excitement, boredom, you know – all that “being a human stuff”.  These all rise & fall on the ocean’s (mind’s) surface. My Teacher used to say: “It’s all about learning to surf the waves”.


Tame the waves of your mind and be the light unto yourself.
OK, sounds cool but how? Try meditation. Don’t deny them (the thoughts/feelings etc). We all experience the movements of the waves. They come and they go. Mind changes from moment to moment.

There are a ton of different meditation techniques. Best to keep it user friendly though, especially in the beginning, just simple-simple – the breath meditation is a great one to start with. I still use it when I feel my waves a bit unsteady.  We can stabilise our thoughts by just focusing onto our breath. Start with 2min and let it grow slow and steady to ten or fifteen minutes a day. Just watching your in- and out breath.  It’s also really useful just before bedtime!


Sometimes I combine a simple mantra together with the in- and out breath. This helps me to keep the focus even more.


Now, this really tickles all over in my body – I’m beyond happy and so grateful to be able to share again in our Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training starting Nov 15th, 2021. You can still join us!  Either *) in person in Bali or online at the comfort of your own home, both work wonders!


Be sure we’ll be exploring the whole spectrum of yoga from asana to meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy and much more. It’s going to be such a joyful ride together and I’m honoured, if you’re with us!


Ps. What do I wear on my wrist? It’s my hotel quarantine wristband. For these 5 days I’m a marked soul. I find it quite cute. A bit like I’m in a cool festival or how about marked for my personal Vipassana Meditation (Silent) Mini Retreat?



OM LoVe~ Sanna



*) Travelling to Bali is now so much easier again. The mandatory hotel quarantine happens in Jakarta and is shortened to 4 nights / 5 days! If you’re considering of joining us, do reach out either to me or to Radiantly Alive for more info.

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