I’m the child of July, when the summer is at it’s best in Finland. I’m grateful for the friends and family all around this globe. Grateful for all the very kind B-Day wishes. Another full cycle on this earth again. Alive. Thank you life, it feels just right to be 53. It’s great to be ALIVE.

Recently I’ve been doing more gardening here in Finland. Observing the beauty of the nature and awed by all the different bugs. Did you know that the average life span of butterflies varies from just a day to several months?  The myth says that dragonflies live only for a day however after some googling found out that at the shortest the life cycle of a dragonfly is about six months,  unless they got eaten up by predators.

Compared to the butterflies and dragonflies our human life seems much longer however it still does go in the blink of the eye. I still feel pretty much like I did when I was 17. The personality sets in early on in life. In the meantime we grow old and somehow at the same time live in the illusion that we live forever. We work hard to build sand castles. We make so much effort trying to stay fit and look good (in the eyes of the others?).

The photo was snapped by my friend Leea on my actual birthday – she said that I resemble a dragonfly. Who knows, maybe in my next life I get reborn as one? Our, ah so short and precious human life is meant for learning and self realisation. We shouldn’t waste our very limited window of opportunity of self growth.

Various Asian Spiritual Classical texts talk a lot about death. The importance of realising that we are not here forever and how to prepare for the inevitable. The death comes much sooner than we realise. It’s literally lurking around the corner. We don’t need to wait to become old and sick in order to die. Even young and healthy people die. Were they prepared to their death?  Sometimes the death comes without any warning.

Anyone who ever has lost a loved one has got the proof already that we indeed won’t stay on this earth forever. I lost my first boyfriend when I was 17. I lost two colleagues when they were in their 30’s. My dear brother passed away 2013. My father followed my brother 2 summers ago. I lost a friend and colleague in May – I’m almost same age as he was. About death we know two things: 1-We know that we ARE going to die. 2-We don’t know the time of the inevitable.

What am I doing with my life?  Am I here just to enjoy and entertain myself? How far does that take me at the time of the death?

“Are you satisfied by identifying with the body or the mind as objects of self-realization?”
Nārada popped THE question to Vyāsadeva in Srimad Bhagavatam 1.5.2.
This question takes us to the core idea of our human existence, am I this body or am I perhaps something greater than that? Am I the Spirit Soul?
Something, which never was born,  can never die. The ever pervading soul.

SB 1.5.9 guides us: “…after attainment of self-realization stage,  one is satisfied. But satisfaction is the beginning of transcendental bliss.  One should progress by attaining neutrality and equality in the relative world.” Can I treat every situation and everyone with equanimity? This is the challenge. But hey,  I’m here to learn!

and ps…..for those of you who are interested of yoga – the True Yoga is to understand who you truly are and act accordingly. Looking for the books of the matter? Start with the Bhagavad Gita.

Do You believe that You Are Your Body?
Do you believe in incarnation?  Please note I am not looking for “right” or “wrong”, just wishing to hear from your heart. Please do share!

Appreciating every living moment ~

Dragonfly love,  Sanna

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