Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

Especially if you consider yourself as not being a Mother, carry on reading, because this one’s for you – this is the call for ALL Mothers!


Doesn’t sound logical? With your permission, let me explain…


Mothers of biological- and adopted kids alike. Godmothers. Mothers of cats and dogs. It is the Mother’s Day in Finland and also May 9th falls as the International Mother’s Day.

We all ARE Mothers. Why?

Back in the days, I was studying Tibetan Buddhism in Singapore for a number of years. What they taught about being a ‘mother’ is is just so beautiful. It still resonates with me deeply.
We all have been Mothers at some point in our previous lives.
You, me, him, her – everyone! We all have been Mothers to each and everyone. This lineage also shares the Mother meditation and the aim is to cultivate a true heart of compassion. To realise that regardless of our differences, at the end of the day, we all deep down at the core of our being are the same. We all have the inherited need to care for the vulnerable. We wish to protect the children, the elderly, the animals. All life is sacred.

On this Sunday, I’m thinking especially of all the Mothers who are struggling. The most vulnerable ones, who are experiencing mental or physical distress or both. I am thinking of the Mothers of Maiti Nepal. In Nepali, the meaning of MAITI is “mother’s home” and the connotations are of maternal nurturing – the combined strength, sweetness, fierce protection, and tenderness of a mother’s love. Maiti Nepal is a shelter home for the most vulnerable, young women and children. Founder Anuradha Koirala is the essence and model of warmth, perseverance, and dedication – she’s the embodiment of true unconditional love.

Many young women arrive at Maiti Nepal pregnant, having been rescued from human trafficking, rape, and domestic violence. Others arrive with newborn babies in their arms, fearing for their safety, having lost their homes, their families, their livelihoods. Maiti takes them in, all of them, and provides shelter, nutrition, assistance with infant and child care, and very importantly – teaches young mothers the fundamentals of good parenting. Thus vulnerable young mothers and their infants get the best possible chance for a lifetime of wellbeing and safety.

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic Maiti Nepal faces many hardships. Maiti Nepal is committed to continue sheltering and caring for it’s young population, and continues to fight the scourge of sex trafficking and other forms of slavery and exploitation in Nepal. If anyone is to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, it should be Anuradha. The girls call her Didi, beloved elder sister.


How can you help the young destitute mothers? Please visit Maiti Nepal’s page:


The original source of the Maiti Nepal information is from the Friends of Maiti Nepal newsletter dated May 7th, 2021.


To all the Mothers, and other nurturing figures, wishing you good health and Happy Mother’s Day!


[Featured in the image are a mother and her son – me & my boy in Bali]

Love, Sanna

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