Let’s twist again!

Let’s twist again!

If you were to do just one yoga-āsana today, let it be a twist!


Twists are my all time faves. Here are my personal two main points why:


1- De-stress
When ever I feel tired,  stiff in my body and mind or if I’m dealing with stress or anxiety, twists are my go-to poses.
Twists help to open up the chest (read heart), shoulders & back. I can feel a new rush of energy after twisting (read in the next point why).


2- Detox
Twisting cuts off blood supply to the digestive organs,  and re-introduces fresh blood to the abdominal organs when the twist is released ie this can help to cleanse the cells of any build up waste. Since I got a sensitive gut & easily bloated belly, twists can help me to move stagnant impurities and gas (read farts). It goes without saying,  twisting is great for the digestion!


The list is long when it comes to the benefits of twisting however let’s leave it here for now.
Keep your spinal muscles mobile = keep yourself mobile!

And as we say in the world of yoga: “You’re only as young as your spine is! “


Let’s twist again,  like we did last summer…
Twisted LoVe, Sanna

[Photograph by Zhu Andrew Lim/Singapore & Melbourne]

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