Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Just another manic Monday?

In this shot I’m 20 something and sporting my very first tattoo. I took it because a young man that I had a crush for at the time, told me that women with tattoos look cool. So I wanted to look cool in his eyes. Did the tattoo have the power to make him to stay? What’s your guess?

——-> Nope. The tattoo did not work. The fault wasn’t the design of the tattoo though. It was just the cold fact that the tattoo didn’t possess that kind of power to ensure love.

Later on in life I took more tattoos  because I wanted to rebel. Those days people with tattoos where a bit punky and somehow almost a little suspicious lot as a whole. So that fitted nicely in my agenda.

These days it’s pretty mainstream and fashionable to have tattoos and almost part of the deal for the new yoga teachers to get one.
And guess what,  now those who don’t have any tattoos, they are the the ones who stand out!

Personally I am neither for nor against tattoos. It’s none of mine or anyone’s business what other people do with their own bodies. I’m perhaps just a little tired of seeing them (the tattoos).

And the learning kids, never ever do anything just to please others or in order to win someone’s love ’cause it just doesn’t work. Call me an old fox.


“Been there. Done it. Bought the t-shirt.”

Peace & Love. Always.
Sanna x

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