The Other Side of Life

The Other Side of Life

Well it’s been a long time
How should I feel?
What can I say?

With fantastic stories
You present yourself
In different ways

Some particular places
Remembered so well
Are hard to forget

We’ve travelled so far now
Then we were young
Hard to impress

But she comes and goes
The other side of life
Sheltering only
The other side of life

These singular occasions
We seem to share
Stumble and fall

If you could remember to waive a sign of life my way

But she comes and goes
The other side of life
Sheltering only
The other side of life

The above is the lyrics for the song “The Other Side of Life” which is a true masterpiece written by David Sylvian who at the time 1979 was only 20. The little me was 11 and had to save dam hard from my weekly allowance (which, I seem to remember, was at the time 2 Finnish mark) to be able to buy the complete album Quiet Life. When the LP finally landed on my lap this song especially hit my head like a bullet.

At the start of the new year 2021 we are now witnessing quite special challenges and suffering. The big “living in the unknown” is testing us. Those of us who have a regular yoga practice of some shape or form, have arrived to the dress rehearsal. Some of us might even have started to contemplate the death and dying. This is not necessarily a “bad” thing. The fact, which we all know, is that, if you were born you are also going to die. As simple as that.

But what about if the idea of the inevitable is frightening? It might be helpful to realise that what we do/say/think now shapes up our future. We can start to prepare already now, while still living, for our death. If we believe that “I am this body” then we have pretty much limited our chances right down.

One life,  make the most out of it? 
Yes and no.
One life “yes” – in this very body.
One life “no” – since you and I have a spirit soul and it manifests as the consciousness.

Where in your body is your consciousness? Can you point at it? Is it in your heart?
In your brain? The spirit soul was never born,  therefore it can never die. It has always been there and always will. The idea of the forever lasting “something” within us might be comforting and offer us shelter during these trying times.

Then to the latter part, “make the most out of it”, again yes and no. Depending how it translates in your life. How to “make the most”. Is it having more consumer / travel / sex / restaurant / whatever experiences? Work hard,  play/party hard?
Or is it making the most out of this unique human experience – by not wasting the precious time and instead trying to figure out who we really are?

Do I believe that I got a spirit soul?  Do I believe there’s something within me which never dies? The time is ticking.

What will help me at the time of my death?  That should be our honest question. What can I do about it now?
So that when the time comes and the curtain falls, we can die at peace. Let’s start simply. Make peace now with yourself and with the others. Care and feel compassionate for all the living entities. Reduce right down the “village talk” ie talking about some mundane things like the covers of the hello magazine. Stop judging and criticising the others. Notice that these qualities come from envy and jealousy. Compliment someone today and offer your help spontaneously.

The photo is from my morning yoga practice.  I captured my fave moment which is the after feel. “Empty your mind” does not work for me. During my yoga practice I often get a ton of ideas. Not labelling them as good or bad,  just ideas. Sometimes they are quite interesting though. I let them brew. After some moments may come the silence and the mind “empties” naturally if so meant to happen.

~OMMing away~


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4 comments for The Other Side of Life

  1. Leea says:

    Dear Sanna!
    Thank you for these deep thoughts you have shared in your blog. I also think we should dedicate a moment or two to ponder about the death. In my view it would add to the quality of present moment. Too often people avoid that, which is also understandable, as they are convinced it will be the end.
    But, what if, what we normally perceive as the end, after all, is the beginning… what if our dreams are the reality and the material world we live in is a mere illusion? At least in the Dreamgirls there is no pretending.

    1. Sanna Kokkonen says:

      Yes Leea and thank you! The individual Spirit Soul is journeying through different times settling in different bodies. I echo you how contemplating the inevitable can help us to appreciate our present moment more deeply. We can make the paradise on earth right now by being kind & compassionate. Who knows what’s on the other side waiting for each one of us – I believe each individual in every moment is creating ripples which will have an impact how we will perceive the transit from this body to the next dimension of consciousness. “Row row row the boat gently down the stream, merely merely merely merely, life’s just a DREAM”. Love x

  2. Lauren McBeath says:

    Beautiful and poignant words Sanna – thank you. Perfect for me particularly this week after the news of the passing of a dear friend and remarkable woman who lived by this very ethos.

    1. Sanna Kokkonen says:

      I’m sorry about your loss Lauren. Thank you for your kindness & encouragement. Love x