Three cups of tea – yoga teacher training

Three cups of tea – yoga teacher training

Let’s chat over chai…..

Here we drink three cups of tea: the first you are a stranger, the second you become a friend, and the third you join our family, and for our family we are prepared to do anything.

“Three cups of tea” by Greg Mortenson

Over the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of yogis and yoginis from across the world on the highly acclaimed Radiantly Alive Teacher training programme. In an intense month, we work through asana, movement, meditation, leadership, motivation and yoga philosophy. We share our strengths and open up our hearts and expose our vulnerabilities in a very safe learning environment. I think everyone goes through a transformation of sorts – even the teachers! Although we work in a group, that transformation is, without exception, personal and individual and always involves the desire for a fundamental life change rather than the addition of a new asana. That desired change comes in so many different shapes and forms…a new career/escaping the current dead-end job; a new partner/escaping an unhealthy relationship; the wish to live a happy fulfilling life; the need to move on from some trauma – the list is endless. Every YTT is unique and has its own dynamic and every student it different.

My official role in the YTT faculty is ‘ yoga philosophy teacher’ which surprises some of the class as I’ve been practicing asana on a daily basis for some thirty years. As I like to point out in class, asana is often the starting point on a very long journey. It’s often the thing that gets us through the shala door, but it is only one part of an over-all spiritual system that includes 8 ‘limbs’ and an understanding of ethics. Asana, without the whole 8 ‘limbs’ and an understanding of yoga philosophy is really just movement. Nothing wrong with movement, but it has its limitations in providing answers and solutions when the bigger life questions emerge. Movement on its own is not yoga….

My unofficial role on YTT is CHO aka chief hugging officer  – I’m the go to agony aunt for hugs, tears and a chat over a cup of tea or two. I often feel that these intimate moments and exchanges in the RA Cafe are often the point when transformation and shift happens. It’s also the point of maximum vulnerability when it’s good to have an experienced ‘mentor mamma’ to hand.

I’m really looking forward to the next Yoga Teacher Training in Radiantly Alive next month in May. After that, I’m heading off to Scandinavia and joining a number of summer yoga festivals in Finland and Norway and I’ll be running some smaller workshops and small group Yoga Teacher Training in Stockholm, Sweden.

Masala Chai
Just leave em here please……

So that’s a lot of tea drinking ahead, because, thanks to RA YTT, I probably now know at least one yogi in every country in Europe… so put the kettle on and let’s have a third cup of tea in the months ahead! Preferably a Masala Chai or a Chai Latte! And for those that really know me well, Espresso….

Love Sanna CHO x