our lives are like snowflakes or leaves falling : each one unique, beautiful, ephemeral and just a tiny part of a giant web of interdependence
— Sanna Kokkonen


international workshops with

Sanna Kokkonen


Korea, Seoul
November 2018

Hamburg, Germany
November 2018

Zurich, Switzerland

December 2018

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Yoga Styrka

Yoga Styrka

Stockholm, Sweden

December 2018

sanna kokkonen finland

Sanna Kokkonen yoga in Finland

Sanna Kokkonen yoga

Yoga Teacher Training, Bali

Feb/May/July/October 2019

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Sanna Kokkonen radiantly alive

Bhakti retreat, Finland. LIMITED SPACE

August 2019


“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

― Pablo Picasso

Yoga teacher training

Sanna Kokkonen is a faculty member on a number of yoga teacher training events in Bali and in Europe. She teaches asana and specialises in yoga philosophy. She is certified ERYT-500 YACEP and has been practising yoga since the early 1990s. She is authorised by Lama Marut to teach Tibetan heart yoga based on a thorough understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and asian spiritual classics.

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Mentor and apprenticeship programme with Sanna Kokkonen

Until recent times,Yoga was taught through the ‘guru system.’ Under this ancient method knowledge was exchanged from Guru to student over a long period of time and teachers emerged after many years of practise and a long apprenticeship. The student was invited to teach only when the guru felt that the student was ready.

The mentor and apprenticeship programme is based on these principles. Students study directly with Sanna one on one over a period of a month or longer usually in a workshop or classroom setting. During this period the student gradually assumes responsibility for sequencing, music selection, leading the class and adjustments. This is a perfect compliment to a teaching path from a YTT programme. If you are interested in learning more about a tailor made yoga apprenticeship please contact Sanna for more information.

The mentoring programme was a crucial transition point – a break through. It gave me the confidence and the heart and soul to guide yoga students of my own. Sanna’s long yoga experience and her deep understanding of the ancient texts and yoga philosophy was also a huge draw to deepen my own spiritual practice”

Jojo M, Mentee 2018


Sanna Kokkonen teaches a range of regular classes in addition to workshops and Yoga teacher training programmes. Her regular classes are currently


Sanna teaches Mysore, led and her own signature Ashtanga inspired class

RA Vinyasa

dynamic and challenging classes linking breath with movement

Tibetan Heart Yoga

Inner practise combining meditation, mantra and yoga philosophy


Inspired by Cross fit Movement, Aerobics, Pilates & Yoga. A tough, sweaty, fun and rewarding work out class to a music with beat.

Roll and release

yin styled class using massage balls to reach deep-tissue (facia) and increase flexibility.

Gentle flow

a soft class to move your body in a gentle and kind way

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