Sanna Kokkonen, International Yoga Instructor

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An attitude of sincerity and humility is the first prerequisite on the spiritual path. We’ve got to know that we don’t know. We’ve got to know that there’s nothing to know, that there’s only being. The best attitude is to be very grateful and thankful and constantly generous.

~Bhagavan Das, It’s Here Now (Are You?)

The image is from SKYogini Bali Retreat Yoga & Culture. Join us for the March 2025 Bali adventure.

SKYogini Retreats 2024-2025 | Yoga & Culture Bali | Yoga & Dance Archipelago Finland | Yoga & Hiking UK | SKYogini Retreats are carefully crafted with constant curiosity towards life, culture & it’s myriad mysteries |

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Bhakti Yoga retreat 2025
Cornwall, UK

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Mothers & Daughters |
Äidit ja tyttäret


[ENG] Our Bali retreats have a growing popularity by mothers joining together with their adult daughters, we love!

[FIN] Balin retriittimme ovat saaneet kasvavaa suosiota äiti-tytär parivaljakoilta, ihanaa!


 SKYogini Retreats 2024 2025 |
TMI SKYogini Retriitit 2024 2025

SANNA in festivals 

Sanna tours teaching in different locations at yoga festivals and yoga studios. She offers workshops and leads retreats.

She has been featured in the following festivals:

Bali Spirit Fest

Barcelona Yoga Conference

Magnesia Festival

Natural High Healing Festival

for bookings please write to:

Tibetan Heart Yoga

Sanna Kokkonen is authorised by Lama Marut to teach her own signature ‘Tibetan Heart Yoga’ system.

Tibetan Heart Yoga blends various meditation and concentration practices with mantra, chanting and yoga philosophy.

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Workshops and teacher trainings in Europe and Asia

If you are interested in hosting or attending an event please contact Sanna via email:

Sanna has a particular focus on Nordic, Europe, South Korea, Bali and South East Asia.

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